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Noshiela Noor is a sought-after Trauma Informed NLP Trainer, Emotional Empowerment Coach and Best Selling Author who empowers Mulimahs to master their emotions, heal from their past and truly step into their confidence and best life. 

Noshiela provides coaching, training, and transformational events for Muslim women around the world to help them become generational changemakers and thought leaders. Her mission is to empower and support women to empower themselves and embrace their true potential – beyond their pain. As a certified Trauma informed NLP trainer, hypnotherapy trainer and emotional empowerment coach for Muslim women all around the world, Noshiela’s passion is in helping Muslim women process through the hurt and pain of the past and build lives of purpose, passion and success.

She is a 3 times best-selling author, a finalist for the She Awards, a radio presenter and a public speaker. She has appeared on numerous tv channels including the Islam channel, British Muslim tv, and Takbeer TV. She was been interviewed by BBC radio, radio ikhlas and many other popular stations to celebrate and recognise the work she's doing to empower women. Noshiela is an expert in emotional empowerment and leads women to transform their lives through the power of mindfulness and neurolinguistic science with Islamic principles at the forefront.

From powerful and transformative one-on-one coaching sessions to impactful and role-playing conferences, Noshiela is available to empower women one-on-one or in groups to create a life as a creative, confident and influential leader. Who chooses her own path and who is passionate and courageous in the pursuit of her ambitions.

As a leadership and executive coach, Noshiela takes a deep dive into hundreds of mindset transformation tools and has a background in self-discovery tools, neurolinguistic programming, somatic trauma healing and hypnotherapy.


Certified Training & Courses

1. NLP+®️ Practitioner

2. Master Practitioner of NLP+®️ (and coaching training)

3. Time Line Therapy®️ Practitioner training

4. Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®️



"As I sit with a heart full of gratitude, I just want to say thank you. May Allah reward you for your sincere intentions and efforts. The relationships and communication units have changed my relationship with Allah. I’m in awe of the presence I truly feel, filled with tears of love and appreciation. May Allah grant you the same and more." - Aaminah


"Before working with Noshiela I was: mentally and physically drained, triggered often, sabotaging my success, and living with no healthy boundaries and now I can say I am whole and healed achieving all of my goals and more. I have become emotionally resilient and mentally strong! Thank you for everything you do!" - Ashi


"I can express enough how much I have changed and developed personally. I never realised what a coach can do for you until I started my journey with Noshiela. We did the inner work and I healed from so many things which allowed me to become the best I can be. Noshiela was sent to me by Allah at the right time in my life. Lots of love for what you have helped me achieve and I’m excited to see what is next." - Sania


"Coaching and therapy with Noshiela has been at the highest standard and the best type of help I’ve ever had. Talking only helps you feel better to some extent but getting to the root cause and eliminating the emotions has helped me become free and come closer to my true purpose. I have also learnt some valuable techniques that will help me for a lifetime. Thank you so much Noshiela." - Rihanna


"Learning NLP and professional communication techniques from Noshiela has enabled me to adopt and use these techniques within the workplace. I’m able to build rapport easily, communicate more effectively and have the correct tools to progress in my job. Now that I'm able to eliminate limiting beliefs and reframe scenarios at work, I’m feeling 100% positive about hitting my targets and objectives in 2021." - S. Khan


"I really enjoyed my mindset coaching with Noshiela. She makes you feel at ease and helps you work on setbacks and turns them into strengths instantly. I have come a long way by simply working with Noshiela on mindset and changing my perspective. I feel like a more empowered version of myself." - Saffiyah


For more information and to book a complimentary call with Noshiela please visit her website:


  • The Empowered Muslimah Academy®️ - Specialising in Trauma-informed NLP & emotional empowerment coaching and training for Muslim women. Helping them to heal from their own traumatic experiences so they can thrive in life.
  • Trauma-informed NLP Coaching certification which is a 4-in-1 certified training in
  • Trauma-Informed NLP coaching
  • Emotional empowerment
  • Time Line Therapy®️
  • Hypnotherapy