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I am a gentle but powerful professional life and executive coach who specialises in working with amazing women who secretly struggle with imposter syndrome - those feelings that you are a 'fraud', that you will get 'found out' and the belief that you are not good enough or deserving. I use a mixture of psychometric tools and coaching to deepen self awareness, so you can appreciate your own unique attributes, and then harness these to create a life you love. Knowing what gives you energy means you can utilise your own uniqueness to be able to implement simple strategies to show up in all situations in a way that is authentic to your true self. You will find you will achieve even greater results in all areas of your life, and feel genuinely confident in your actions, decisions and communications.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a highly effective, personalised development technique. As your coach, I believe you have all the answers inside of you to achieve what you want to achieve, you just need the time, space and right questions to unlock your potential. When you vocalise your thoughts you often gain greater insights. Coaching offers a non-judgemental, confidential space to talk things through, and have your thinking [gently] challenged to gain different perspectives, which can lead you to find more options and ideas available to you. Coaching also offers accountability for completing the actions you have identified so you will make progress and move towards achieving your goals in a shorter time frame.

How will you work with me?

I work with you to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself to be able to make informed decisions about how to tackle your current situation in the most effective way. I will ask questions of both your current situation, and your desired end state.

You are always in control, and the sessions are tailored to your requirements. Here are some of the areas we may cover when working together:

- you will have time and space to define your goals and create plans to achieve them
- we can explore where you get your energy from
- you will learn what excites you and what drains you and will develop strategies to support you when facing into either
- you will discover why some relationships are harder than others, and how within your own sphere of influence, you can maximise the chances of achieving the results you want with others
- you will learn to accept yourself, and others
- you can decide if you want to develop your strengths to the next level, work on ways to overcome limitations, or a mixture of the two, with a greater knowledge of how any of these decisions will affect you
- I hold you accountable for the changes you desire, and also help provide any additional support that may be required
- I will ask questions to challenge your current thinking
- you can explore thoughts and actions in a safe environment to gain greater self-awareness and decide ways to think, react or do things in future.

I want to meet face to face - is this an option?

I use Google Meet, a secure video conferencing application, for the majority of coaching sessions. This allows us to meet face-to-face via an online meeting room, at convenient days and times without location being a limiting factor.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

I only work with you if you are 100% committed to achieving the results you want. My commitment to you is that these coaching programmes can definitely support you in achieving this. Once you book your session(s), there are no refunds, however, you can reschedule sessions, if you need to.


“I’m so happy that I found Lindsey at exactly the right time. Our sessions have been so helpful as I pivot my business and define the kinds of services I want to offer. Lindsey has a grounding, nurturing presence and always makes me feel as though I can share my challenges, ideas, and questions openly. She also asks the perfect questions in return! I’ve walked away from our sessions full of ideas and breakthroughs, which is helping me clarify my business purpose and model. It feels great to have an ally who creates a non-judgmental space for us to explore where I am and where I want to be. I highly recommend Lindsey’s coaching!” — Josephine Hardman

“I’ve worked with Lindsey for a few years now and find her approach and support invaluable to helping me achieve both my professional and personal goals, with a particular emphasis on balancing the two to help me achieve maximum success.
She is extremely personable while remaining professional at all times and drew on her years of management experience to understand the challenges I was facing and how to overcome them. I cannot recommend Lindsey enough and will continue to go to her when I need support and direction in achieving my future goals.” — Charlotte Lidster

“Lindsey has been supporting me to identify and secure promotion at work. She has helped me prioritise and focus on my strengths in order to give me more confidence and motivation. Lindsey has challenged me to think with a different perspective which has helped me to broaden my outlook and seek new challenges to support my ongoing development. Thank you so much for your help and support Lindsey ” — Carla Jefferson

“Business is fantastic, I’ve had a crazy amount of bookings this month for my Power Hour sessions which is amazing! I feel this is all down to you - so thank you!!!
If anyone is on the fence about business coaching, I recommend you have a chat with Lindsey. She will 1000% motivate you and improve your business!” 

— Susie Harris 


  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Confidence
  • Goal Setting
  • Goal Achievement